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NDTA Inc. is a non-profit organization that strives to promote the unique qualities of the Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT) approach by:
• Providing specialized clinical training to health care professionals
• Supporting Clinical Research
• Supporting clients and families with education, resources and information.

Overview of NDTA Education opportunities

NDTA Seminars: https://www.ndta.org/Seminars

NDTA Annual Conferencehttps://www.ndta.org/conference

8 - 10 April 2021, Chicago

Conference presentation

A MOVING TARGET...NDT/EBP ?... COULD VICON MOTION CAPTURE HELP? PEDS Dr. Kathryn Bain / Freshwater Creek, Australia and Suzanne Davis Bombria, PT, C/NDT / Columbia, CT
The focus of this session, to be held over two lunchtimes, will be our use of Vicon Motion Capture as a secondary outcome pre & post measure together with Goal Attainment Scaling. Could Vicon be utilised towards potential quantitative validation of family requested, participation level, func- tional change following contemporary NDTA intervention?
n Explain why we chose Vicon Motion Capture as a secondary outcome measure and its advantages and limitations.
n Explore with us our Protocol for choosing the children for Vicon, and then applying and removing Vicon markers.
n Follow throughout at intervals during the presentation, how Vicon was able to measure a teenager’s improved cycling performance, towards her targeted summer Triathlon event.
n Integrate how Vicon Motion analysis can be paired with a Goal Attainment Scaling filming Protocol.
n Investigate and experience with us the data analysis phase. n View the preliminary results compared with the families’
participation daily task requests.
n Consider other related potential NDTA Contemporary Practice
ModelTM quantitative outcome measures such as ‘Datavu’. n Learn about the NDTA Research Committee’s role in supporting clinical research initiatives related to the
NDTA Contemporary Practice ModelTM.

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The NDTA has a number of resources that are available only to members, such an NDT research articles resource. Membership is $40 USD for non-US healthcare professionals. Their application form can be downloaded using the following link:


Therapists wishing to become NDT certified should visit the following site for more information:


NDTA™ Conference information and reports

2018 NDTA Conference information is available at https://www.ndta.org/conferences/seminars.php?conference_id=7863

Mind Your Movement: Learning and Cognition in NDT
Conference Wrap-Up (2015)
By Judith Rhodes, PT, DPT, PCS, C/NDT, ATP

NDTA™ Research Collaborator Database

The NDTA™ has a searchable database of nearly 200 academicians and clinicians interested in collaborating on NDT-related research. This service is available to both NDTA™ members and non-members under the Research link