Potential workshops

Paediatric Therapy and Workshops will facilitate any of the following workshops if we receive sufficient requests from therapists and an offer to co-host/assist with providing a suitable venue.  Please contact us for information bout what is involved with cohosting. 

Paediatric Upper Extremity Handling Workshop - Towards Participation Goals

Presenter: Kate Bain, HScD, OT, C/NDT


This course includes didactic, lab and video treatment demonstrations for participants to analyze typical and atypical task-based posture and movement control, focused on the upper extremities – in relation to other body segments. The central theme will be learning about and practising handling/treatment strategies towards goal-related functional change in requested daily tasks. In addition, participants will have an opportunity to learn about research in contemporary NDT, with a focus on functional outcome measurement related to, for example, upper extremity function. The course content is relevant to OTs, PTs and SPs.


At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify typical components of posture and movement of the upper extremity (proximal and distal) – as functionally related to other body segments
  • Analyze posture and movement as it relates to atypical components of posture and movement of the upper extremity (proximal and distal) – as functionally related to other body segments
  • View and discuss video-based functional, upper extremity, goal-based contemporary NDT intervention
  • Practice a variety of upper extremity-focused, goal-based NDT treatment strategies (proximal and distal); functionally related to other body segments
  • Review aspects of functional outcome measurement utilising an 'NDT Measurement Model’ - for example, as related to upper extremity-based functional outcome measurement.

New Horizons in Neuro-Paediatrics: Using GAS to Focus Treatment & Measure Change

Presenter: Kate Bain, HScD, OT, C/NDT

As pediatric therapists we are challenged to use Evidence Based Practice. In this exciting interactive course, discover how to demonstrate measurable change in your children at all levels of impairment. Research shows that the Goal Attainment Scale captures 20% more change in outcomes than other more traditional methods. Therapists will practice integrating the GAS and ICF model to plan treatment, carry out effective treatment strategies, and document measurable functional gains made using actual video cases. Video clips will show performance of various daily tasks as requested by families and children, for focus within NDT sessions. These will include children with a variety of classifications of cerebral palsy including an increase, decrease or fluctuation in postural tone, related to, for example, hemiplegia, diplegia and quadriplegia – with varying ages and degrees of severity. In summary, video clips will illustrate performance of and intervention for, a wide variety of individually chosen and requested daily tasks, by individuals with cerebral palsy or allied developmental disabilities, with GMFCS classifications from I to V.

Think, Plan, Move, Measure

By Chris Chapparo, Kate Bain and Suzanne Davis Bombria

Based on their presentations at the 2015 NDTA conference

As keynote speaker, "Dr. Chapparo presented evidence showing that cognition and cognitive strategies are a vital component of NDT. She further explained that cognitive strategies are used in treatment to generate movements. She described the importance of cognition by presenting her Perceive Recall Plan Perform (PRPP) model to explain information processing, how information processing looks during learning and movement, and how information processing failures affect a person’s performance. She then described what techniques are needed to promote learning and carryover in all different situations.  On day two, Christine gave depth to her work by presenting evidence supporting physical handling as a way for motor learning. She gave practical methods of interjecting cognitive training into treatment to garner greater learning and impact."

"Kate and Suzanne expanded on the concepts from Dr. Chapparo’s presentations. They discussed aspects of the ICF model with an emphasis on participation. There was a focus on the cognitive and sensory requirements to achieve function with multiple pre- and post- video clips and relevant treatment strategies. A wonderful collection of videos depicted pre-test, post- test, and treatment strategies that put real examples to the theories presented earlier in the conference. This presentation brought increased cognitive awareness to what our clients do and how we facilitate their learning using many different prompts."

As reported in Mind Your Movement: Learning and Cognition in NDT Conference Wrap-Up, By Judith Rhodes, PT, DPT, PCS, C/NDT, ATP.

Neuroplasticity, Contemporary NDT and Evidence - Interconnected?

Suzanne Davis PT, C/NDT and Kate Bain HScD, OT, C/NDT

This presentation, originally developed for the 2014 NDTA Conference, is an opportunity for NDT Certified paediatric practitioners to explore the possible link between neuroplasticity and contemporary NDT, and to learn research methods used to provide evidence of NDT efficacy - the 'NDT Measurement Model’. The possible link between the ‘Science of Brain Plasticity’ and NDT, and the evidence base for NDT will be addressed and discussed. More info