NEW VIDEO: Playful Intervention - Pediatric NDTA™ Contemporary Practice Model (20DLV102), INTRODUCTORY/INTERMEDIATE, PEDS. Presented by Dr Kate Bain.

Available until January 2025.

The Play Webinar will include approximately 1 1⁄2 hr lecture with 1 1⁄2 hr group experiences. The practical part of the session involves designing treatment strategies and scenarios in small groups, to meet specific children's goals through playfully addressing task related posture and movement behaviours.
Each part of the Webinar will be directed towards a change in our children’s ‘requested daily task performances’ by post test. These playful interactions will build on the initial strengths and interests of each child.


NEW VIDEO: A Moving Target…NDT/EBP?…Could Vicon Motion Capture Help? (21DLV103), PEDS. Presented by K. Bain and S. Davis.


NEW VIDEO: Measuring Success! Clinically Friendly Outcome Measures of Functional Change Following NDTA Contemporary Practice Model™ Intervention Part 1 (21DLV106). Presented by Kate Bain


Davis Bombria S. 2021 ICF Assessment & Treatment Presentation