The workshops

  • Are taught by experienced NDTATM certified instructors who are leaders in the fields of NDT and SI
  • Are run independently by Paediatrics Therapy & Workshops or in liaison with groups at other facilities
  • Run from 1 to 5 days (depending on content and the needs of the facility)
  • Can be provided locally, interstate and internationally

Workshops from basic to advanced are available

Workshop content focuses on application to children in the therapists' caseloads. The children’s diagnoses may include cerebral palsy, developmental delay and certain syndromes,   in which neuromuscular components of 'task based postural and movement control' (including, for example, sensory processing) impede their desired functional performance.

Participants in workshops will:

  • Understand the theoretical foundations of the paediatric treatment frameworks
  • Understand a number of clinical applications directed towards task performance
  • Practice and learn a number of interventions
  • Combine interventions in treatment scenarios

Workshops offer:

  • Multimedia presentations, movement and treatment practicums, and discussions. In the longer workshops, treatment practicum with clients and demonstration treatments are added
  • Holistic and playful approach - consideration of the physical, mental, social and emotional perspectives of childhood disability; family centred practice.
  • Post graduate education for therapists to assist towards children's increased participation in daily tasks including: self care, mobility, hands skills, communication, educational and vocational skills, leisure pursuits and play
  • An excellent opportunity for networking, information sharing and discussion