About Paediatric Therapy & Workshops

Paediatric Therapy & Workshops provides intensive treatment for children with cerebral palsy and other neuromotor issues, facilitates post-graduate training for allied health professionals, and conducts research into the efficacy of Neuro-Developmental Treatment.

NDTATM Contemporary Practice Model is an advanced 'hands-on' therapeutic approach for children with central nervous system insults that result in difficulties in task related posture and movement control. It is practised by experienced Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Speech-Language Pathologists.  NDT aims for children to achieve their highest functional participation in individually chosen daily skills.


Paediatric Therapy & Workshops facilitate and provide post-graduate training in the NDTATM Contemporary Practice Model (Neuro-Developmental Treatment Association, North America), task related sensory processing and NDT ‘Adjunctive Treatments’ (such as Therapeutic Aquatics, and Casting, Taping & Orthotics). Our workshops and courses have been developed for OTs, PTs, and SLPs who treat children with neuromotor and sensory processing impairments. They are taught by experienced, certified NDTA Instructors (PT, OT, SLP)and combine theory with 'hands-on' intervention experience. We also provide educational opportunities for therapists to learn the theory and principles of interventions, and their practical clinical application through observation, practice, and intensives in the workplace.

Suzanne and Kate teaching in Las Vegas, 2014 Fun in therapy - intensive therapy program


The Intensive Therapy Program (Treatment Intensives) is an innovative treatment approach for babies and children with cerebral palsy and other 'neuromotor challenges'. It is designed to address the unique, desired participation level 'daily task goals' of each child and the child’s family.

Vicon Motion Capture System used in research.


The research focus of Paediatric Therapy & Workshops includes issues of efficacy, the development of appropriate research methodology, and the measurement of family driven functional outcomes for children. Our current research project is: 'Moving and Doing: Functional Outcomes of Neuro Developmental Treatment', in collaboration with researchers at Southern Cross University, University of Sydney, and Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne.

Our overriding goal is to facilitate improved functional outcomes for children who have developmental disabilities. We promote fun in therapy and an holistic, family-centred approach to therapy.