Intensives for therapists


This initiative offers three to five days of individual, intensive NDTA Contemporary Practice ModelTM treatment to address the functional goals of families & children with cerebral palsy. NDTATM Contemporary Practice Model NDTA North America certified Instructors / certified paediatric therapists will treat three to four children daily during the intensive. Family-selected functional goal related performances will be recorded before and after treatment in video & GAS goals for comparison (Bain 2012).

Daily instruction for therapists at the facility will include an NDT theoretical component with practical NDTATM Contemporary Practice Model ‘lab experiences’. Facility therapists may observe any of the treatment sessions.

On the sixth day, there will be an NDT workshop that will also be open to therapists from outside the participating workplace. This will include:

  1.  In depth examination of the functional goals / NDTATM Contemporary Practice Model treatment strategies utilised & the functional outcomes for the children involved in the Intensive as they relate to the topic: ‘The Evidence Base of NDTATM Contemporary Practice Model?’  
  2. A summary of functional ‘carryover’ opportunities for home, school, preschool etc, as addressed with the participating families and therapists.

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NDT training in the workplace - design your own.
Using the above model, work with Paediatric Therapy & Workshops to develop a program to achieve goals relevant to your therapy role at your workplace. Contact us to further discuss this option.
Therapist feedback

..... a helpful and practical way to increase my NDT knowledge and training. It has given me a great incentive to gain more advanced training ...... Kate is very supportive and generous with her time and provides a very safe environment for meeting individual learning needs. She is a kind and very inspiring therapist. I have loved sharing this opportunity with her.