Participant feedback

Paediatric Upper Extremity Handling workshop, Kate Bain, 2016

"This has been one of the most beneficial courses I have attended - presented @ a great pace; I can't wait to put the learning into practice."

On the Move! NDT Approach for Infants and Toddlers, Jane Styer-Acevedo and Kate Bain 2016

"I thoroughly enjoyed learning from two such experienced and knowledgeable presenters. I will come away with a lot of food for thought and I would definitely consider attending future workshops."

"Thank you for sharing your exceptional skills and taking the time to make sure we 'got it'. So So many strategies I can work with immediately and their underlying basis to invent others of my own."

The Role of Dynamic Surfaces in Promoting Fun and Functional Shifts in Children with Neuromotor Challenges, Jane Styer-Acevedo 2016

"This course was fantastic. It really gave me a renewed understanding of the way our bodies move for function and to participate. I have come away with a transformed concept of how dynamic and different surfaces can be important to assist with achieving specific goals."

"Jane is excellent in creating / fostering a culture of interactive learning and sharing. I have gained a lot that I will take away and put into practice immediately at work."

"This was my first paediatric course of any sort and it was am excellent introduction to NDT theories with plenty of practicuum components that allowed me to broaden my treatment ideas around the use of dynamic surfaces."

"Jane is an excellent presenter and teacher. The course was always engaging and very relevant to everyday practice in therapy."

Advanced level workshop: Combining the Principles of NDT and SI for Functional Outcomes, Lezlie Adler, 2015.

"THANK YOU! I really loved participating in critical thinking process and seeing the benefit of dynamic systems approach to working with children with posture / movement and sensoy challenges!"

"It worked well having the theory on the first two days broken up by videos and then putting it all onto practise with the demos on the last day."

"Good foundation re functional skills and participation, then in depth review of different frameworks." 

"It has been an absolute pleasure to learn from you, Lezlie, and to learn from your wealth of knowledge and experience in this area. Come back again soon!!"

NDT / SI and Play, Lezlie Adler, 2015.

"Thanks for great course. Bought all three elements together so well. Easy to listen to. Great presenting."

"Really appreciated the fresh and practical way that the NDT and SI theory was presented and linked. I have done several SI courses over the years but this added a new dimension and depth of understanding. I am excited to apply many of the principles we learned."

"Engaging and enjoyable workshop, which has stimulated a desire to read further. I look forward to reflecting on my practice and how to incorporate thinking and strategies in my clients' intervention" 

NDT Based Therapeutic Aquatics for Paediatrics, Jane Styer-Acevedo, 2013

Fantastic course – I learnt a lot and am excited to translate this to my patients. (The course) has expanded my treatment techniques and how I analyse children’s function in and out of the water. 

NDT Approach to Treatment of the Infant, Linda Kliebhan and Kate Bain, February 2013

Linda gently, humane, approachable, sensible to needs of clients/families & therapists lots of common sense, not rigid clinical reasoning in her approach to work out what might work for the client

Life of the Premature Infant in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Monica Wojcik, January 2013

Thanks for a great course. I found it really informative and Monica was a great speaker, so please bring her out again!
It was especially helpful to see (in the videos)  how a child is managed in NICU, then to see them as they develop.
Great workshop. Lots of things to be able to use immediately, and ways of thinking for older children when they present with past NICU experience. 

NDT Adjunctive Treatments, Audrey Jakusawa, November 2012

"very practical, with relevant application to clinical practice (OT);  

informative and interesting workshop relevant to my daily clinical practice (PT);  the anatomy and kinesiology review gave a good foundation prior to methods of casting and taping (PT) 

NDT Approach to Paediatric Gait, Jane Styer-Acevedo, April 2012

 Jane provides such a great “well” of knowledge for us to share – It has been excellent.  Great to remind me that mobs are useful in this population.  I will definitely be able to use a number of different strategies and make changes to my clinical practice.  

NDT/SI and Play with Lezlie Adler, September 2011

"Lots  of ideas for new playful activities;  Engaging and knowledgable speaker;  A great reminder of key concepts and a fantastic combine approach with NDT/SI/Motor learning and play.  

GOOAL course with Kate and Jane in 2008 at Arcadia University:

"Excellent use of activity vs. sitting and getting participants to join in."

"Great interaction with participants."

"Very knowledgeable speakers, able to answer all questions well."

"Good balance between upper and lower extremities with opportunities to practice and move."

"I like the tradeoff of two different lecturers and input from observing lecturer."

"[Strengths of the course] include "opportunities to ask questions throughout [the course] and opportunities to practice the techniques and feel techniques from the instructors."

"Great workshop! Really made you think about task analysis."

Going Out On A Limb course, Jane Styer-Acevedo and Kate Bain, Sydney, October 2008

"Linking of treatment to functional goals was great"

"Good balance of theory and practice"

"Gained a much more thorough understanding of facilitative techniques with hands on pressure"

"[appreciated] the allowance for lots of audience participation/questions"

"Very worthwhile course and good update on NDT"

Connecting the dots between Assessment and functional Outcomes, presented by Jane Styer-Acevedo, Melbourne, October 2008

"Great. Really benefited from combination of lecture type sessions, pracs and opportunity to observe two treatment sessions"

"Very worthwhile and enjoyable course that will benefit me as an OT and all the kids I see"

"Having a demonstration child with functional goal incorporating gait [assisted my learning]"

"Jane very open to questions and discussion"

"This was an excellent workshop which was very clearly presented offering practical strategies for the clinical setting"

"Fantastic course - it really made me re-focus on the core!"

Feedback from workshops by Suzanne Davis

" Excellent course with great content. Allowed me to look at current caseload and think of ideas that may help the children."

"Nice mixture of teaching, video analysis, questions and practical."

"Presentation interdisciplinary, motivating, stimulating, and grounded in neurology."

"Great workshop - very relevant for a lot of therapists and ranges of caseloads."

"Course was a great summary of NDT and a glimpse of techniques that work."

"This (Geelong 2007) has been one of the best paediatric workshops I have been on in the past 7 years!"

Feedback from Jane Styer-Acevedo's 2007 workshops

Geelong – Therapeutic Aquatics
‘This workshop has given me the opportunity to critically review my work in the pool. I am confident I can deliver an even better program. Thank you Jane.’
‘Very enjoyable course…partly due to the personality and open manner of the presenter. The skill of the presenter with clients was a pleasure to observe’

Bendigo – Infants and toddlers
‘Jane was fantastic at breaking complex information into more simple and easily understood concepts.’
‘I really enjoyed the stimulation of this course. It’s great that it was made accessible in terms of cost and time commitments and I would love to see more courses like this available for paediatric therapists’

Tasmania – Proximal Stability and Distal Function
‘It was great – enjoyable and extremely stimulating and motivating.’
‘Good balance of theory and practical sessions’
‘Liked the flexible teaching approach that was responsive to group needs’

Sydney – Weight Bearing and Functional Limb Use (now ‘Going out on a Limb”)
“Great  opportunity…So much knowledge to integrate…Thankyou for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm”
Enjoyed the lab opportunities, practical demonstrations. Presenters had good knowledge. Increased (my) knowledge of the importance of core and postural muscles.’