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NDT Certificate course, St Giles, Hobart and Southern Cross University Gold Coast, 2013

The course was run as two blocks of teaching with time in between to complete a treatment video assigment. The instructors were Suzanne Davis Bombria, RPT (USA), CI. She was assisted by Occupational Therapy instructor Kate Bain, HScD, OT, Speech Pathology instructor Monica Wojcik, MA, CCC-SLP and Dr Chris Chapparo from Sydney University (neurosciences)

Feedback from 2014 course participant Sarah Boyle, PT

The NDT certificate course offered everything that I hoped it would and so much more.  The instructors are so engaging, supportive and an absolute wealth of knowledge that even theoretical information I had heard before was taken on in a whole new way with so much more meaning.  I felt that everything I learnt, theoretical and practical, I could directly apply to the children I work with.  I have never felt so confident at a course to share my opinions and looked forward to receiving feedback on my work rather than feeling intimidated by this.  I have left the course with many treatment tools but more importantly than that, a whole new perspective on observing the child, analysing their movement patterns, providing rationale for and structuring a treatment plan, setting goals , measuring outcomes and being playful.

NDT Accreditation Course, Geelong 2009

The course was run in Geelong from 9 June - 17 July 2009. The coordinator instructor was Suzanne Davis, RPT. She was assisted by Occupational Therapy instructor Kate Bain OT, and Speech Pathology instructor Monica Wojcik, MA, CCC-SLP. Guest presenters were Dr Chris Chapparo (neurosciences) and Dr Karen Stagnitti (presentation on play).

Feedback from 2009 course participants

“It was an amazing experience. It changed the whole perspective of how we treat neurologically impaired children so that they can have the best quality of life possible for them. The concept of focusing on functional movement and not just on the developmental milestones in a child was very well explained by our instructors. I was lucky to get an amazing group of instructors who taught us about NDT so well.”

“I'm really glad that I took time off to go for NDT course. It has given me new inspirations and ideas to manage my clients. The new knowledge and skills that I had gained in this course had also helped me to be a more effective therapist."


"The NDT course was an extremely unique opportunity to develop very specialised skills in the area of paediatric therapy, and I feel very fortunate to have been supported to attend such training. I would strongly recommend this course for other therapists who are passionate about pursuing a learning process that challenges and rewards therapists who, professionally and personally, continue to expand the possibilities for the children we work with.”

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